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Eclipse! – A Perfect pick for developing stand alone tool

Today in the world of software two major things are acting as the interface to the end user. First and the major(nowadays)  are the web applications(eg: Indian railway online booking) and the next thing is the stand alone tools(eg: MS Word,vlc media player) both of them have their own specific purpose  in their space. Here in this post i am going to talk about a beautiful ,a very popular editor and very well designed technology which helps any developer to develop and deliver a stand alone tool.If u have any guesses the answer here is nothing but Eclipse.

Eclipse has many advantages , to mention a few it is open source , the large community behind it developing such a kind of tool , it’s support for developers by having a good and neatly maintained documentation  and also  it’s powerful design.

The basic functional part of eclipse is called plug-in. In my own definition you can understand a plug-in as an individual runnable application/module  which may be plugged into or will accept another runnable application/module to run.The biggest advantage of eclipse is its plug-in architecture.It beautifully separates out the individual  responsibilities of different modules in an application.To see the definition of eclipse plug-in given by eclipse community refer here.

In my forthcoming posts i am going to write about how we are going to use the power of eclipse to develop a stand alone tool.

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